【American ginseng】

     American Ginseng is a rare herbal medicine.The earliest records about it are found in the Yao Xing Kao(or Medicinal Properties Study) and the Ben Cao Gang Mu (or Compendium of Materia Medica).With actions of nourishing the lungs and purging the evil fire,tonifying the stomachs and promoting secretion,it can be used for cough-caused lung failure,asthenic fever and restlessness,as well as insufficient body fluid.So it is ginseng tonic of extremely high grade,regular use of which can promote the metabolism,it will have a marked effect on the kidneys and hearts,and on the elder's dizziness,as well as cataract and diabetes.

    Oral Administration 1-with boiled water:9-12g a time for adults(appropriately larger dose allowed);served in about half a cup of boiled water;may be used for many times successively,like teak-making.Oral Administration 2-by swallowing:chew well and swallow,which can promote secretion and quench thirst.Oral Administration 3-with concoction:stewed with lean meat or duck,it can have better nourishing effects;stewed with Huoshan dendrobium stems,it can regulate the blood sugar level and have supplementary curative effects oon cataracts.

    The American Ginseng used in our product is lawfully imported from Toronto,Canada.And we have access at all time to the technical guidance of Canadian experts.Any specification of American Ginseng is available at our side.


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